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Effective Date: The Withdrawal Policy goes into effect on the class start day/date. Prior to the class start day/date, classes are subject to the “drop” policy. For more information regarding the Drop/Add policy, please see the General Catalog or Semester Schedule.

Refund Policy: The Withdrawal Refund Policy applies to all classes including modular, directed studies, field trips, online classes, internships, and any other type of class administered by Beulah Heights University. All classes are subject to the semester week refund policy regardless of the start date. Refunds are processed based on the date the official withdrawal is submitted. For those applicable, financial aid is also calculated/prorated based upon the last date of attendance by the student.

Withdrawal Deadline: Withdrawals are permitted up to the twelfth week of class (or 5th week in a summer term). However, after the mid –point of the semester, all withdrawals will receive a “WF” unless instructor submits a passing grade.

Official Withdrawal: An official withdrawal notice submitted by the student is required for a withdrawal. Some withdrawals are authorized by the Academic Dean or Registrar and do not require the signature of the student.

Fees/charges: Application and registration fees are non-refundable. Refund on room charges are based on reason for withdrawal.

Eligibility: The student completing more than twenty-five percent of instructional time is not eligible to receive a refund, unless student has requested withdrawal from the institution.

I acknowledge that by withdrawing from the indicated course(es) I will receive a grade of W, WP, or WF, depending on the date of which this withdrawal is being submitted. I understand that this grade may or may not calculate into my grade point average, but could have impact on my financial aid at some point. I further acknowledge that I will only receive a refund if I withdraw from all classes that I am registered for, after the quarter mark (25%) of each semester and that any refund is based on the number of days elapsed since the beginning of the term. I also understand that withdrawals processed on this form after the mid-point of the term will automatically result in the grade of WF, which does count in my grade point average in the same manner as the grade of F.