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Dear Alumni and Friends:

Thanks to you, Beulah Heights University was able to successfully reach 100 years fulfilling Gods mission of developing relevant Christian leaders for ministry and marketplace. Beulah Heights University wishes to thank you for your thoughtful support on July 27, 2018 as we joined to celebrate and reflect on how God has blessed us over the last 100 years. Our students, faculty, and staff are forever grateful for your faithfulness.

Thanks to you, Beulah Heights University continues to make strides in providing an education that equips global leaders for ministry and the marketplace. In May 2019, we graduated over 100 students in our undergraduate and graduate programs from associates to doctorate degrees. Thanks to your faithful financial support, BHU provided $400,000 in annual financial support to our students and because of that, lives are being transformed and leaders are taking their rightful place in ministry, the community and marketplace.

Every day, your support makes it possible for BHU to attempt great things and employ new and improved ways of offering a quality Christian education.  Without your continued support, the fruits we envision cannot be realized. That is why we value your partnership greatly.  If you did not get an opportunity to give during the 100 year celebration, I am making an annual appeal for your support today.  I hope that we will gain your continued support so that together we can make BHU a successful change agent that others will admire and partner with.

More than ever, time is now ripe to sow into the mission of BHU. With growth comes additional faculty to support and more library resources to acquire. When our institution thrives, you also thrive. When you donate, you make an eternal investment because you are participating in the Lord’s mandate to make disciples and teach the nations.

Would you be willing to make a special year end donation? There is no such thing as a small gift. Your annual gift is vital to continue the mission of BHU. You may prefer to designate your gift to a particular fund such as scholarships, housing, building, and students, just to name a few. I am confident that with your continued support we can accomplish our goals. If you have additional questions, please contact my office directly; Meirielly Becca, Executive Assistant to the President, 404-627-2681, ext. 115/

In His Service,

Dr. Benson M. Karanja, Ed.D., H.S.C.

Ways To Give:

Funds to Support

Chapel Fund

One of the most diverse worship experiences is right here on our campus. Every Thursday during the fall and spring semesters, faculty, staff, and students join together in our chapel services.

 “Chapel experience is one of the most fulfilling experiences for a Beulah Heights University student.” Francis Wanja

Scholarship Fund

The importance of scholarships to universities cannot be overstated. As one of the fastest growing Christian universities, we are in need of continual support to be able to provide scholarships for our students. This allows us to reward and promote students of excellence, so that students will be able to focus on their studies more effectively.

Alumni Fund

"I empower you to live in the harvest. God has presented us with an opportunity to sew that we may reap bountifully." Claude Porter, Alumni

This fund is where Alumni can invest into programs and projects that are integral to alumni and it also has direct impact on the university. Let's Get Connected!

Missions Fund

Beulah Heights University sends out students on mission trips and strives to continue to provide opportunities for them to be the light in cities and nations that need them.  Through donations, Beulah Heights helped the people of Fontal purchase the generator and bring light to their church and community.

Building Fund

A crucial attribute to any organization, is it's ability to develop and grow. Beulah Heights University strives to expand the campus and provide a great environment for our students, faculty, and staff. From making repairs to developing new infrastructure, there is much need as we continually work to improve our campus.

Club Give

From preparing Thanksgiving meals for the homeless to collecting Christmas toys, ClubGive continues to support and be involved in the community. “Our mission is to provide community services including, feeding the homeless, providing social services and beautification projects in our surrounding community.” Club Give

Why I Give

"I would like to tell everyone that my tithes to Beulah Heights University are the most important thing to happen in my life. Not only has it enriched my life in knowing that you can’t beat God giving but has made my faith in God stronger than ever. God has done so many things for me in the 12-15 years I have been giving tithes to BHU. Just a few months ago in.  February I was given medication that I was allergic to that caused congestive heart failure and by all human explanations and doctor evaluations I should have died, but yet I am still alive and my faith in God is stronger than ever. For I know if God had not been with me,  I would not be here today alive and well. All praises be to God and may he bless BHU like he has never done before with a cascade of blessing for everyone with joy, peace, wealth and happiness. Amen."

- Julius Thomas, Alumni