BHU Online Bookstore

In an effort to better serve you as a valued student of Beulah Heights University, we hope the following information will be helpful as you purchase your textbooks and other course materials. Students who are not receiving financial aid may begin purchasing textbooks by clicking on the ORDER YOUR TEXTBOOKS link below:

If you register early, complete all financial aid requirements, and your expected financial aid exceeds your semester charges, you will receive an email from MBS Direct Online Bookstore. This email will include your Voucher ID, which is important information necessary to purchase your textbooks and other course materials using the online book voucher process. The Voucher ID enables you to make your purchase early and pay later using your expected financial aid.

It is recommended that you purchase your textbooks and other course materials at least ten days before the start of class to ensure a timely delivery.

SPECIAL NOTICE: All Students Expecting Book Vouchers to Purchase Textbooks:

To avoid any delays in getting your voucher ID to purchase textbooks and other course materials, please follow the procedures below to help us better serve you. Thanks, Business Office.

Procedures for Using Book Vouchers

  • To obtain a book voucher or voucher ID, you must first complete the financial aid process, which includes receiving your financial aid award letter.
  • If you are a first time borrower, you must complete the online loan application and entrance counseling in order to receive financial aid.
  • Once you have completed the financial aid process, you will need to complete your online course registration.
  • You must be registered at least half-time (two classes) to receive financial aid loans.
  • Your expected financial aid must be greater than your semester charges.
  • After the above information is complete and once your voucher information has been submitted to MBS Direct, MBS Direct will send an email to your BHU email account with your book voucher ID. BHU will submit book voucher information daily prior to the scheduled textbook purchase deadline for undergraduate, graduate, and MBA Term I students. A new book voucher file will be submitted to MBA Term II students. The textbook purchase start date for MBA Term II students is October. However, the textbook purchase deadline for MBA Term II students is November.
  • Once you receive this email from MBS Direct, you may then go online to MBS Direct and order your textbooks and other course materials up to the value of your book voucher.
  • SPECIAL IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you do not want to use BHU book voucher system for Fall, please send an email to using your BHU email no later than July. Your email should specifically indicate you do not want to use BHU book voucher system for Fall this year. When submitting this email, please include “BHU BOOK VOUCHER – OPTING OUT FALL (Year)” in the subject area of your email.

Online Book Voucher Process, Limits and deadlines

If you are receiving financial aid for Fall-current year semester, please pay close attention to the different voucher categories below. Click on the category that applies to you.

  • Category #1 – Returning Undergraduate Students
  • Category #2 – New Undergraduate Students
  • Category #3 – Returning Graduate Students
  • Category #4 – New Graduate Students
  • Category #5 – New MBA Students
  • Category #6 – Returning MBA Students