Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Master of Arts (Concentration in Religious Studies)


  • Engage in the larger religious culture with a thorough understanding of world religions.
  • Exhibit an understanding of hermeneutical principles by using proper methodology in biblical interpretation.
  • Recognize and evaluate in light of biblical revelation the major schools of thought in historical and contemporary theology.
  • State and defend a worldview that is consistent with biblical revelation and stated in theological terms.

Master of Arts in Religious Studies:

(For all students who enrolled in this program in the Fall or 2012 or later.)
The following courses are the required courses for this degree program:

  • Bi 501 Old Testament
  • Bi 502 New Testament
  • Th 503 Systematic Theology I
  • Th 513 Systematic Theology II
  • Th 607 Hermeneutics
  • A Th 698 Religious Studies Capstone
  • Th 601 History of Christian Thought I
  • Th 602 History of Christian Thought II
  • ATh 613 Theological Research & Writing


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