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Our country has been hit with traumatic occurrences that threaten to rock us to our inner core. Although we are still in recovery mode from dealing with COVID-19 and the disruption it has caused to our lives, at the same time, we are faced with civil unrest around the world. This sad, tragic, and violent death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has compelled this nation to address police brutality, racism, and injustice. The death of Ahmaud Arbery, the young Georgian that was maliciously gunned down while jogging is another example of racism. My heart and prayers of support go out to both of these families as the newest layer of protesting to these atrocious crimes occur. Unfortunately, there are many more who have not received the justice their families so rightfully deserve.

Pain fills my heart as I continue to grapple with the implications of a system that is meant to protect all citizens regardless of race. George’s death isn’t merely another example of racism but a vivid reminder that there is more progress that needs to be made to value all life. According to God’s word, ALL are created equally. In order for change to be effective, compassion and understanding are a necessity. Listening to one another, even through hard conversations and uncomfortable situations with respect, is at the forefront. These will strengthen our community and university.

Beulah Heights University’s work doesn’t stop at educating its students, but more so to develop core values of integrity and diversity. Staff and faculty are committed to educating YOU within the biblical and theological framework. We celebrate diversity and hold the importance of respect and compassion.

I look forward to being able to resume campus life and I wish all of you the best. Stay healthy and safe!

Peace and Blessings,

Benson M. Karanja, Ed.D., H.S.C.