FAFSA – Work Study

Federal Work Study Program

Information from the FAFSA determines eligibility for federal work study. Students must indicate they are interested in federal work study on the FAFSA. Students that are considered eligible for federal work study have an opportunity to work in this program while in enrolled at Beulah Heights University. If an approved student is interested in federal work study, they must submit an application with Human Resources Department. If hired the Financial Aid Office will process the request and aid will pay as it is earned.

A student enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate student is eligible to receive assistance from the FWS Program. In addition, a student must have financial need; that is, his/her cost of attendance (COA) must be greater than his/her Expected Family Contribution (EFC). An undergraduate student is defined under the FWS Program as a student who is enrolled in an undergraduate course of study at any institution of higher education and who:

  • Has not earned a bachelor's degree or first professional degree.

A student who has earned a bachelor's or first professional degree is not eligible to receive FWS to pursue an additional undergraduate degree, based on the above definition of undergraduate student.

Before each award year (July 1) begins, an assessment will be performed to establish jobs for areas where work is needed. Job descriptions will be drawn up for each established job containing purpose· of the job, duties and responsibilities, job qualifications, wage rate or range, length of employment (beginning and ending dates), and name of supervisor. A standard application will be provided to the student to be filled out for any job. The standardized application must be completed and submitted to Beulah Heights University.

All jobs under the Federal Work Study Program will be available to federal financial aid students who are taking six hours or more. Job listing will be posted in the Student Center for any financial aid student who wants to apply. Job assignment will be subject to the student’s financial need, the number of hours per week the student can work, the period of employment, the anticipated wage rate, and the amount of other assistance available to the student.

The job application process is as follows:

  • Jobs with their descriptions will be posted in the Student Center. Students will complete a standardized job application form and leave it with the Personnel Office.
  • The application and its supporting information will be passed on to the prospective employer. Interviews will be set up with the prospective employer. The student will be notified for an interview.
  • After selection is made by the employer. The Personnel Office will inform the student that he/she has been selected for the job.
  • The Financial Aid Office will calculate the remaining need of the cost of attendance of the student. A determination of the number of hours they can work in the school year will be made based on the amount of the student's award.

FWS students will be paid federal minimum wages or more. FWS employment will not displace employees (including those on strike) or impair existing service contracts. The students that are employed in the private sector, the organization cannot replace their employees with FWS students.

Beulah Heights University or an outside employer that has an agreement with the school to hire FWS students may not solicit, accept, or permit soliciting any fee, commission, contributing, or gift as a condition for a student’s FWS employment. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, as amended, prohibits employers (including schools) from accepting voluntary y services from any paid employee. Any student employed under FWS must be paid for all hours worked.

A student may be employed under FWS during a period of nonattendance if he/she anticipate enrollment in the next period of enrollment. They must pre-enroll for the next semester.