FAFSA – Direct Deposit

Financial Aid Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit

NOTE TO STUDENTS: Please send your direct deposit request to businessoffice@beulah.edu

Note: If you are employed by Beulah Heights University, you will need to complete an additional and separate Direct Deposit form through the office of Payroll and Employee Benefits.


How will the money be sent to the bank?

The funds will be sent electronically through the banking system in the same manner as direct deposit payroll. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is safe, timely, and convenient - NO MORE LOST MAIL.

Are there any reasons why the money would not be deposited to the bank?

If you close your bank account without providing a new authorization, the transfer will be rejected by your bank and will delay your refund. A direct deposit can also be rejected if you entered an incorrect bank account number.

Can I designate more than one account for Direct Deposit? Can the money go to my parent’s account?

No, all funds must be deposited in one checking or savings account in your name. Excess funds from Parent PLUS loans will be issued by check to the borrower.

What if my account is at an out-of-state bank?

Direct Deposit can go to any financial institution within the United States.

When should I sign up?

You should submit your authorization online immediately. If you currently have a credit on your account, a direct deposit refund will be issued in two business days of signing up for direct deposit.

Where do I find the routing number on my check?