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President Karanja Speaks at ICODeL 2021 conference- Daystar University (Nairobi, Kenya)

October 18, 2021 - October 19, 2021

Staff Benson Karanja21 22

Speaker:  Dr. Benson Karanja, President, Beulah Heights University (Atlanta, GA)

Speakers Topic:  Transitioning from Physical to Remote/Online Learning:  BHU Experience

Conference Theme:  Learning, Instruction, and Research Beyond the Four Walls:  Higher Education in the Post-Pandemic Era

Mode:  Blended Conference

Hosts:  Daystar University, Nairobi – Kenya in collaboration with Beulah Heights University, USA

The ICODeL 2021 conference aims to provide a forum for faculty, researchers, academicians, leading educational practitioners, students, and stakeholders (both government and private sectors) to present their research and expert opinions on online learning, research, policy, and professional practice.