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Beulah Heights University is an institution with a Global focus where students are exposed to the broad horizons of globalization. In light of a global competitive market, and the advancement of technology in society, the president of Beulah Heights University launched the Global Learning Initiative. Through innovation and utilization of modern Online (Digital) learning technology like Brightspace, BHU has opened its doors to students from different countries such as Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Brazil, Kenya, China, Nigeria, and South Korea, where our students through our satellite global extensions and online learning are growing and preparing for the global Challenges of Ministry and the Market Place.

BHU utilizes Brigtspace an interactive, virtual and engaging digital learning platform that allows students who do not have the professional or geographical flexibility of the traditional student to pursue their higher education goals. Through study abroad programs, our students are exposed to the global context of education. This exposure enables them to develop a global mindset, build lasting relationships and forge collaborations across the globe. The university has partnered with governments, Universities, churches, and organizations across the world with the sole purpose of educating and nurturing the next generation of global leaders. The Global learning initiative extends a generous and subsidized tuition scholarship program for students domiciled outside the USA.
Degree Programs Offered

  • PHD-Organizational leadership
  • Master of Business Administration
  • MA-Leadership Studies

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Brussels, Belgium

Staff Divine Zumbi

Divine Zumbi
Recruitment Coordinator
404.627.2681/Ext. 136

Flag Of Brazil


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Meirielly Becca
Enrollment Coordinator & Translator– Brazil Global Partnership
404.627.2681 Ext.115

The Masters of Business Administration and Management is a week- long modular course designed to provide students with the tools necessary for use in the marketplace. We offer a blended learning experience comprised of American and global business perspectives. Our MBA graduates are uniquely equipped to bring valuable contributions to Fortune 500 companies, politics, and entrepreneurial endeavors. In Brazil’s rapidly increasing economy, obtaining an MBA internationally adds value to the student’s overall sense of global community and increases their employability. Please see the Graduate School course catalog for detailed course descriptions.


  • 1 - MBA 600 Orientation
  • 3 - MBA 601 Servant Leadership
  • 3 - MBA 625 Professional Communication Development
  • 3 - MBA 635 Organizational Behavior
  • 3 - MBA 637 Human Resource Management
  • 3 - MBA 640 The Legality of Business
  • 3 - MBA 644 Managerial Economics
  • 3 - MBA 650 Business Accounting
  • 3 - MBA 655 Decision Analysis Systems
  • 3 - MBA 662 Marketing
  • 3 - MBA 671 Corporate Finance
  • 3 - MBA 678 International Business
  • 3 - MBA 680 Entrepreneurship
  • 3 - MBA 690 Strategic Management


Flag Democratic Republic Of The Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo

Staff Divine Zumbi

Divine Zumbi
Recruitment Coordinator
404.627.2681/Ext. 136

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Nairobi, Kenya

Staff Joseph Nzioki
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Dr. Joseph Nzioki
Head of Global Learning
Cell: +254713464246

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