ARC – Academic Resource Center

Department of Adult Learning

The Department of Adult Learning in conjunction with the Academic Resource Center at Beulah Heights University provides opportunities for adult learners to expand their educational bandwidth through enhanced skills training, certificate programs, professional development, personal development, public lectures and continuing education options. These courses are taught by some of the most renowned industry leaders and scholars in the field.

In keeping with the mission of Beulah Heights University to develop relevant Christian leaders for the ministry and marketplace, our programs are affordable, in-demand and adaptable to meet you where you are personally and professionally.

Certificate Programs

Certificate courses are delivered year-round and provide a wide range of disciplines to choose from, including Nonprofit Development & Leadership, Grant Writing, Mastering The Media, Campaigns & Elections, Computer Coding, Computer Networking, Brand Development, Horticulture and more. These courses are primarily delivered virtually and lectured by well-known industry leaders in their respective discipline. The time it takes to complete a certificate program varies, but most can be completed with a 2-day commitment and others can take up to 6-months, depending on the certification. All certificates carry the logo and marketplace strength of Beulah Heights University, a top-ranked leadership college. Additionally, every certificate is personally signed by the industry leader and/or scholar who taught the course. This allows employers to have confidence in the quality of instruction each student receives through BHU’s certificate program.

Dr. Rashad Richey

Chair, Dept. of Adult Learning

Phone: 404-627-2681 

Certificate Classes Available

If you want to learn more about the program details or need assistance registering for your certificate, please contact Gina Garlington at 404-627-2681 or

Program Delivery

Due to Covid-19, all certificate programs will be delivered through a virtual platform until further notice. You should expect the same high-quality instruction as in-person education.

Leadership Talks

The concept of Leadership Talks was born from a vision shared by BHU President, Dr. Benson Karanja and Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Rodney Jackson to bring the experiences of marketplace leaders to the masses so others can benefit from their life lessons. Leadership Talks is an open and public discussion with celebrities, politicians, business leaders and others who share their ups and downs as industry leaders. These conversations illuminate leadership theory and practice in-front of a live audience of students and community members. Every discussion is transparent and provides a bridge to learn from the mistakes and successes of leaders who have traversed the paths of leadership. Dr. Rashad Richey moderates the discussion.

Corporate Partnership Training Program

At BHU, we understand marketplace trends change frequently and sometimes employers require their workforce to have specialized training. This is why we work with corporations and government agencies to co-develop training programs and curriculum to meet the demands of each agency. If your organization would like to engage in our Corporate Partnership Training Program, please contact Dr. Rashad Richey at

Continuing Education Units

During the year, Beulah Heights University will offer opportunities to take courses that count towards CEU’s. Please continue to check this page periodically for upcoming courses. If you are seeking Continuing Education Credits, please contact BHU and inform us of your needs.
Affordability: Keeping with the BHU tradition of “education over schooling”, we ensure our course offerings are affordable and most students who enroll in one of our world-class certificate programs will qualify for a partial scholarship.