Soul of Beulah


The VISION of Beulah Heights is ARC, which is our stated goal of becoming:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Resource Center
  • Change Agent


The mission of Beulah Heights University is to develop relevant Christian leaders for the ministry and marketplace.

Core Values

Beulah Heights University has established the following definite core values with which we endeavor to establish as a basis for our daily lives. These values do not depend upon circumstances, or the events in and around our lives. These are values that we can depend upon to guide us in dealing with each other and even ourselves.

Biblical Inerrancy

We seek to bring every aspect of personal and corporate life under the functional authority of the inerrant Word of God by obeying its commands, applying its principles, and refraining from dogmatism where the Bible is silent. We are prepared to stand on Biblical inerrancy against the opposing tide of compromising norms and peer pressure. 


We seek to live, teach and promote a life of Godly choices in the face of temptation, and consistent growth toward Christ-like attitudes and behavior with the context of responsible church membership and involvement. We affirm the necessity of yielding to the Lordship of Jesus Christ as the unconditional Lord of Life, with trust and obedience as essential prerequisites for the enablement of the Holy Spirit to live a Christ-like life.

Global Missions

We are committed to implementing Christ's mandate to fulfill the great commission by stimulating and training Christians for evangelistic church planting, and support ministries through global evangelization. 

Dedicated Servanthood

We are dedicated to train Christian leaders who practice a pattern of life which reflects the conviction that both individual and corporate prayer is essential in pursuit of God's purpose for holy living and fruitful ministry. We seek to cultivate an understanding of and commitment to worship and giving as a vital and appropriate response of the believer to God, as evidenced by regular and consistent practice in private and corporate life. We seek to be a community marked by joyful reliance upon God for material provision, victory over sin, growth in Christ-likeness and fruitful servanthood.


We are committed to embracing and empowering multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Christian communities without regard to socio-economic status for purposes of fellowship, encouragement, edification and ministry.

Statement of Faith


There is one God who exists eternally in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is the almighty Creator, Savior and Judge who governs all things according to His sovereign will and is accomplishing His purposes in creation and in the Church to His glory.

The Human Race

Humanity is the climax of God’s earthly creation, bearing His image, designed for relationship with Him, and being the object of His redeeming love. All people have sinned. This result is guilt, death, and alienation from God as well as the defacing of every aspect of human nature. People are unable to save themselves from sin’s penalty and power and from Satan’s dominion.

Jesus Christ

Jesus, both fully God and fully man, entered history as Savior of the world. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, and lived an exemplary, sinless life in perfect submission to the father and in loving relationships with others. He died on a cross, rose bodily, and ascended to heaven where He is advocate for His people and is exalted as Lord of all.


Christ’s sacrificial death, in which He bore the punishment due to sinners, is the only and all-sufficient basis of God’s provision of salvation for all people of every culture and age, expressing His love and satisfying His justice. By God’s grace the repentant sinner, through trusting alone in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior, is put right with God, adopted by the Father into His family and receives eternal life.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit makes the work of Christ effective to sinners, giving spiritual life and placing them into the church. He indwells all believers, empowers them to love, serve, witness, and obey God, equips them with gifts, and transforms them to be increasingly like Christ.

God's Written Word

The Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is God’s written word, revealing for all people His character and purposes. It is the final authority in all matters relating to belief and behavior. The Holy Spirit moved the human authors of the Bible so that what they wrote is inspired, fully reliable, and without error in all it affirms.

The Church

The Universal church is made up of all who have been born of the Spirit. It finds local expression in communities of believers called by God to worship, fellowship, proclaim the Gospel, and make disciples among all people, reflect God’s character, engage in works of compassion, contend for truth and justice, and celebrate baptism and communion.

The Future

The Lord Jesus Christ will visibly return to the earth in glory and accomplish the final triumph over evil. God will make everything new. The dead will be raised and judged. Unbelievers will suffer eternal punishment in separation from God; believers will enter into a life of eternal joy in fellowship with God, glorifying Him forever.
Any attending student who finds his or her doctrine not in agreement with that of the College is requested to refrain from promulgating those doctrinal differences while on the campus of Beulah Heights University, in order to avoid strife within the body of believers.


All students are required to sign the above Statement of Faith indicating understanding and respect.


All faculty are required to sign the above Statement of Faith indicating agreement.